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Island Bluegrass Newsletter
Following the success of their first album, recorded under the name The Barley Brothers band in 2001, Washington's new and improved Prairie Flyers have done it again with the release of a new CD entitled "Prairie Flyer". If you are familiar with their previous album, you will be delighted with the carry-over of vibrant solo work, close harmonies and instrumental magic for which the band is so popular. Featured are six songs and an instrumental co-written by lead vocalists Jim Faddis and Richard Doble. Jim and Richard bring a unique vocal blend to the group that sets them aside from other sound-alike bands. Sensitive to that difference, skilled performers Andre Vachon, Jason Stewart and Dave Hackwith lay down a carpet of smooth instrumental work to accentuate the positives. Helping to make this recording even more vibrant are guest performers Arvid Lundin on fiddle, Phil Paulson on bass, Loren Faddis/ Merrill Doble on harmony. The CD was produced by Jim Faddis and Richard Doble and recorded by Robert Hartwig of black coffee recording in Spokane, Washington.

Island Bluegrass Newsletter
The Barley Brothers Band came through with flying colours on this one. Perhaps I shouldn't have been surprised but I was! The cover sheet was plain, featuring a simple theme painting that gave no conception of what a person was about to hear. However, even before the first cut came to an end, I knew I was going to enjoy this one. It is a well produced recording of excellent quality and presentation. Good, clear sound highlights the vocals and smooth instrumental backups. The band's timing is tight but relaxed, the instrumental leads are imaginative and well executed. Jim Faddis, the band's lead singer, has a haunting voice that stays with you long after the CD ends. He seems to be in his element whether singing Bluegrass or Country Blues. Jim wrote two of the songs on his own Goin' to Town and Emily Faces the Future. He co-wrote a third, Sad and Blue, with band member Richard Doble. Jim's song, Going To Town, prompted the CD's title. Richard Doble does a nice job on a G. Clark tune Stuff That Works. Richard's smooth and original guitar leads are catchy and they complement the lonesome and lingering sound of Andre Vachon's beautiful dobro instrumentals. Jason Stewart is an accomplished 5-string banjo picker whose firm and well timed picking style will put your feet to tapping. Kevin Brown and Clyde Clevenger's mandolin offerings are neatly executed and Arvid Lundin's fiddle playing has been smoothed by experience. Add the great bass work of Nikki Young and this recording becomes a little gem.

Spokesman Review
Barley Brothers, "Goin' to Town." Simply great bluegrass tunes here. But the real charm of the Barley Brothers,who also play original tunes, is the way the five-member group remakes songs not normally done in the bluegrass style. This album features great covers of Townes Van Zandt's "White Freightliner Blues," Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," and Steve Earle's "Goodbye," among others.

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